Beyond Volunteering: The Power of Relationships

It's always a healthy exercise to ask "why" of anything in which we are investing our time, energy, and finances, and that goes for your volunteer work, as well! Why exactly are you volunteering, and what kind of return on that investment are you hoping to realize? Effective charity requires volunteers who are willing to invest in others.

In Beyond Volunteering, we explore the rationale behind making relationship-building a central aspect of what you do, going beyond the checklist of things to do and finding opportunities to make meaningful connections with those you serve.

Because we know that any relationship can be messy, we've asked three veteran volunteers to provide insight and tips on how to begin connecting, establishing healthy boundaries, and avoiding common potential pitfalls.

Full-Series Video Duration: 47 minutes

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Savannah Aleckson

Savannah earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Organizational Communication from Missouri State University in August 2017. After serving as a para-educator in a local school district for a year, she joined the True Charity team in October 2018.
As our Events Director, Savannah plans and coordinates gatherings that inspire and equip charity practitioners to participate in responsible, empowering work. When not overseeing events, she also serves as our adjunct instructor, helping lead True Charity trainings in communities across the nation.
Savannah and her husband, Josh, enjoy outdoor activities—skiing, rock climbing, biking, and running—but she can occasionally be found indoors where she enjoys reading and hunting for good shows on Netflix.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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