Biblical Foundations of True Charity

In this class, True Charity's Nathan Mayo shows how to bridge the gap from compassion to changed lives. It covers foundational concepts from the experience of seasoned poverty fighters and shows their origin in Scripture. This session is a wonderful resource for Christians – regardless of their occupation or role – who want to practice charity in a manner that aligns with God's intention.  

The class covers:
  • The true nature and root causes of poverty
  • The responsibility of the Church to serve the poor
  • The biblical mandate for service toward the poor that uses discernment and empowers rather than amplifying root causes
  • The importance of honestly assessing the impact of our efforts

Good intentions are not enough. We have to accomplish God’s mission, God’s way!  This course will help guide that work.

Full-Series Video Duration: 45 minutes

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Nathan Mayo

Nathan Mayo earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics from the US Military Academy at West Point. In 2013, he was commissioned in the Army as an Armor and Reconnaissance officer and stationed in Germany with a mission to deter Russian aggression in Europe.

Upon completion of his military service as a Captain, Nathan and his wife, Abigail, spent two years in Haiti building up a network of Haitian-run churches and schools before joining True Charity in 2020.  

Nathan is inspired by solving challenging problems with data and translating the insights of experts into applications for practitioners. In his role as Director of Membership, he recruits, equips, and connects poverty-fighting organizations so they can continuously improve their approaches and outcomes. His work has appeared in CNN Business, the Washington Examiner, and Real Clear Policy.

Nathan and Abigail are avid travelers with 39 countries down. Nathan also enjoys hiking, recreational economics, and movies with gratuitous explosions.
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