Road to Justice

We've all felt the discomfort when you pass by a man in raggedy clothes, holding a sign declaring that "anything helps." In a way, that message resonates with us — we feel compelled to do "anything," anything that might alleviate the poverty. 

But will anything help? Will any action resolve the injustice of poverty and lead to the justice of flourishing just because it is led by compassion? Join James Whitford as he trailblazes the road to justice and charts a path that will transform your compassion into result.
This specific course has been developed with the individual learner in mind, including personal reflection questions throughout.

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Dr. James Whitford

James Whitford, CEO and founder of True Charity is also the co-founder and Executive Director of the first certified True Charity model in Joplin, Missouri, Watered Gardens Gospel Rescue Mission. James earned his doctorate from the University of Kansas Medical Center in Physical Therapy after which he worked in the specialty field of wound care before his transition to full-time ministry work.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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